Membership Benefits

Membership of the Maitland Liquor Accord Inc. is a highly effective way for you to demonstrate your commitment to the community, and to ensure that your venue has every chance to prosper.

Membership of the Maitland Liquor Accord Inc. provides the opportunity to:

  • Share industry information and participate in best practice venue management for all kinds of liquor licenses
  • Stay abreast of changes in liquor licensing, gaming and related legislation
  • Develop strong networks of contacts within the local industry
  • To establish and develop effective working relationships with government agencies and local police
  • To participate in projects and initiatives actively demonstrating a strong regard for the local community
  • To be part of a forum actively working to balance the interests of industry and the local community, and to develop real solutions to local issues.

There are many benefits of membership for all categories of liquor license. If alcohol is central to your business, then make it your business to be a member of Maitland Liquor Accord Inc.