Don't let your mate turn into a pig

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‘Stop a Good Night Turning Feral’

“We’ve all seen it happen. A few drinks on an empty stomach and your friend starts grunting. Before you know it, he’s hamming it up and leering at everyone” – the pig. Sound familiar? Maybe it was one of your mates who had a few too many or just some loud, obnoxious stranger on the dance floor.

Maitland Liquor Accord is officially launching its innovative Safer Nights Out initiative, which emphasises the importance of peer responsibility by encouraging people to recognise the annoying animal like behaviour of their mates who may have had a little too much to drink, and to act on it to stop a good night turning feral. Slip them one of the bar cards or kindly select the most appropriate drink coaster that reflects their current characteristics, and remind them they’re in no farm yard or zoo.

The Safer Nights Out initiative – ‘Stop a good night turning feral’ was developed with the support of Maitland City Council, in response to market research which was undertaken to guide the Accord on night life community safety projects.

This research, an independent initiative of the Maitland Liquor Accord and its members is part of the Accord’s commitment to improving safety and amenity in Maitland’s evening and night-time economies, and reducing alcohol-related harms in the community.

Whilst 99.3% of the respondents indicated they felt safe they still offered opinion as to how we could make Maitland an even safer place to go out at night. The research therefore identifies other themes related to patron behaviour and safety in the city at night, which informed the creation of this project.

The eye catching coasters, posters and bar cards feature 6 familiar characters – The cock, the ass, the cow, the sly fox, the goose and the pig, which were all carefully selected based on research feedback to characterise the common types of annoying behaviours people are fed up with when they head out for a good night with friends.

A media launch will be held on Thursday 11th December 2014, and patrons can expect to see the eye catching designs which will be released from Monday 15th December 2014, just in time for the pre-Christmas silly season!


For further information or to attend the media launch event please contact Fiona Buchanan

Maitland Liquor Accord Executive

T. 4934 3343
M. 0429 343 340


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